Huon Pine

The fabled Huon Pine It is one of the world's most desirable furniture and veneering timbers. 

Huon Pine is exclusive and ageless. Drawn from a very slow growing and long-lived tree, the timber is like a time capsule. Several examples of Huon Pine are believed to be over 2,000 years old, making them one of the oldest living things in the world. 

All the Huon Pine forests are protected and the timber resource we use comes from logs salvaged from rivers, the forest floor and areas inundated by hydro-electric schemes. 



Blackwood is a member of the wattle family and is a hardwood. The swamps of northwest Tasmania have been a primary source of high quality Blackwood for more than a century and this resource has been the cornerstone of Tasmania's fine furniture industry over that time. 

It's colours range from light golden brown to deep brown with a straight or wavy grain. Blackwood is an easy tree to grown with swamp forests dedicated to its silviculture on a sustainable basis. 



Sassafras grows in Tasmania's wet eucalypt forest and young rain forest where it may live for up to 150 - 200 years. It can grow to a height of 45m and a metre in diameter. 

It is an aromatic evergreen tree; the bark, sap and oils smell like cinnamon and its leaves have a strong sarsaparilla scent. If the tree is infected with a staining fungus it produces blackheart sassafras. Blackheart is a timber with distinctive dark brown, black and even green streaks running through the wood. Blackheart is highly prized for decorative features, as no two pieces are ever the same. 



Myrtle is the dominant tree of the Tasmanian rainforest. It is found in wet gullies, predominantly in western Tasmania.

Myrtle is a botanical legacy of the Gondwana super-continent. It is representative of the species that once grew extensively throughout not only Australia but also South America and Antarctica. Today the species finds its stronghold in Tasmania. 

It can grow up to 50m and live in excess of 500 years. The wood is pink to reddish brown in colour and has a fine texture without characteristic odour or taste. It can have blackheart stain producing a figure known as 'Tiger Myrtle'.